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Skydiving Lessons in Ohio

Ever wonder where to go to experience the ultimate thrill of skydiving? For some people, the thought of skydiving never crosses their mind. For others, it's a fantasy that's just dying to be met. Whether you're novice or expert skydiver, one thing is for sure - you will find the best skydiving lessons in areas of the northwest. Sailing the blue skies in Ohio is certainly to be an unforgettable experience. Not only is the scenery breathtaking, but you'll find some of the country's best skydiving in the countryside area of the state. While it's a fear that isn't easily conquered by most people, for those who want to brave the skies and experience the thrill of free-falling will find no better place to take skydiving lessons than Ohio.

An excellent place to take skydiving lessons in Ohio is AerOhio Skydiving Center located in central Cleveland. The center offers lessons in Accelerated Freefall (AFF), Tandem, or Static Line jumps. AFF jumps and Static Line jumps require a half day of classes which close with a jump at the end of the day. Tandem jumps also require a half day of training although these classes are not as intense. Because you will be jumping attached to a certified instructor, you are not required to spend as much time in the classroom. In tandem jumps, you will be introduced to basic skydiving lessons and learn about canopy parachutes, which are used in tandem jumps. AFF jumps are allowed on your very first skydive. AerOhio requires these jumpers to undergo six hours of training before jumping with two certified AFF instructors. Although you will not be attached to these instructors while jumping, they will be there to guide you through any situation that may arise. AFF jumps allow you to experience the ultimate thrill of free-falling at 120 mph and is ideal for someone who wants to become a licensed skydiver in a rapid amount of time. Static Line jumps are the most common for beginners in skydiving are usually required before advancing to AFF jumps. In Static Line jumps, the parachute is opened by a static line which is attached to the aircraft. Upon exiting, your parachute will open once you let go of the static line. Static Line jumps allow you to be in complete control of your descent as you guide your parachute to the landing zone. You must complete at least one of these jumps before advancing to the AFF jump.

Another excellent place for skydiving lessons in Ohio is Skydive Columbus. Skydive Columbus Ohio provides students with one-on-one instruction on tandem skydiving, and goes over every little detail of the jump. You will learn how to manage your equipment, how to pull the ripcord, and hand signals used between you and the instructor during your free-fall. You will go through an extensive safety course and you will only board the aircraft when you are confident that you understand the entire process.

Keep in mind that if you are planning to take skydiving lessons in Ohio, it is recommended to check out the weather prior to your arrival. Most facilities do no operate year round due to the unpredictable weather.

what do you call this certain type of sky diving?

Im trying to figure out what they call it. Where you get in like a sky diving suit and you float above a giant fan, close to the ground. And is there like a certain height/weight maximum/minimum for sky diving/giant fan diving. Thanks in advanced

They are vertical wind tunnels or indoor sk=ydiving as it is more commonly known.

There is a maximum weight, probably around 220 lbs, but it will vary by location.

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